Summer Forensic Institute

This four-day summer workshop is designed for forensics' teachers with five years experience or less. Whether you are teaching a course in forensics or looking for ways to integrate forensics into your existing math or science curriculum, you will find this course to be extremely useful. The course content can be expanded to challenge the needs of the AP, accelerated or honors students or it can be used to motivate and engage students who would otherwise shy away from math and science.

Forensic science:

Incorporates math, biology, chemistry, physics, technology, and writing skills.
Provides a means to integrate skills around a theme of problem solving a mystery.
Addresses the following with hands-on activities:

Interactive computer activities.
Case studies.
Power Point Presentations:

Evidence collection.
Trace evidence including: hair, fiber and pollen.
Time of Death determination using rigor, algor and livor mortis and Forensic Entomology.
Blood spatter.
DNA fingerprinting.
Impression evidence: fingerprints, foot, dental and tire, tool mark evidence.
Bone analysis and osteobiography.
Soil and Sand analysis.
Hand writing analysis.
Drug analysis.

Special emphasis will be placed on:

Lab set-ups and organization.
Cost reduction options.
Meeting the needs of heterogeneous students.

Participants receive Forensic Science:

Fundamentals and Investigations published by Cengage Publishing.
A binder of additional activities
Case studies
Extended objective sheets for each topic.

The course is presented by Anthony (Bud) Bertino and Patricia Nolan Bertino, co-authors of this forensic science textbook.

Title: Bertino Forensic Science Institute 

Location: Scotia-Glenville High School, Scotia, NY 12302 (near Schenectady)
Cost: $ 475 Includes textbook, binder and materials, lab costs, Sherlock Bones, CDrom
Information: Contact Patti Bertino at or 518-384-1718 with questions. 
Registration: Go to our website to view the three sessions.

Registration begins after the first of the year (2011). If you encounter problems, contact us by phone.

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